First Week TA Reflection

Teaching Assistance (TA) in Santa Theresia was quite different with others. We started a bit late compare to other schools, November 5th. At the first day I met with ‘Guru Pamong’. My first impression about her was that she remind me of someone who I couldn’t remember the name. Anyway, she is quite open-minded teacher but a bit conservative. Well, that was only my first impression. At the second day we started to go into the class. My first class was the tenth grade. I went to the back side of the class and observed.

The teacher’s schedule that day was discussing practice questions in order to prepare the students in facing the final test on November 29th. Maybe the timing was not appropriate, we couldn’t see how the teacher in delivering the material. However, I still could see how she was in mastering her class. From my observation, I could see that she has the key behaviors of an effective teacher. She did probing to the students. When she discussed the questions, she let the students answered the questions. She just guided them.  She provoked the class to be active to answer, but the students were too inactive. Only few who spoke, most of them just mumbled. Later on after the class, the teacher told me that actually that class was the most inactive class of all tenth grades. I did not know was it true or just her advocacy. The second key behavior was use students idea and contribution. The teacher let the students to answer the questions and decide which question to answer. She also let the students corrected their friend answer when one of them did the question on the whiteboard.

Besides those good behaviors, I also found that she had one behavior that really did not please me. She made kind of vacuum-of-power moment in the class. That was several times that the class was too quite, I didn’t know what the teacher doing. She only discussed to several students and let the rest to be ignored. I realize maybe she wanted to help the students who did not understand yet privately, but she picked the wrong time. She let her class vacuum. Even, in the second class (eleventh grade), there was a student screamed “duh apaan sih gw ga ngerti?’’ but the teacher ignored her. Did it right to be done by a teacher? I really confused with her. How come she ignored that screaming? If I were her, I wouldn’t let it happened in my class. I will ask my students to do peer teaching. When there is a complete blankness of a concept or question, I will explain it in the front of the class. The students has to find the concept or answer by them self first; collaboration. I also won’t let my class vacuum. I will activate my students with jokes, guiding questions, motivating story, and more. I won’t be neglecting teacher.

From this TA, even though only 2 days, I learned a lot. I learned how to handle students and also open my mind. Before I got to the school, I had a stereotyping about them. Now it was a bit vanishing. I can’t wait for the next week.

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