TA Second week: Me As A Teacher

In TA second week, I went to no class for observation. This week my group and I only went to 2 classes and both for teaching, the rest of the days on the week we spent to examine students’ assignments outside the class. Therefore, this reflection will talk about my teaching experiences.

My teaching experiences done in Thursday, my group had to teach 2 classes that day. The first class was XI IPS 2. We haven’t gone to this class before; we completely have no idea about this class situation. This condition made us very nervous from head to toe. However, we just did it. We started the class with gave them a pre-test about composition of function. I admit that on that time we were too idealist, we wanted to implement constructivism and other pedagogies theories we’ve got in campus to that class (which used to be taught in conventional way). That was our first mistake. The students were not really engaged in learning process, most of them were just staring in silence. When it came to my turn to teach, I spent too much time in repeating my material. My lesson clarity was awful. We were not noticing our student’s success rate either; we assumed that all of them could grasp our material. It was a not too effective class I thought eventually. However, it was not a useless class also. There were still several effectiveness behaviours in our class. We stick on our lesson plan; we didn’t waste our time to tell unnecessary information (teacher task orientation). We also did questioning and probing to the students, some of them were active to answer our questions. Last, even tough they were a bit silence in regarding the material, I can guarantee that they won’t forget our style. I did the teaching with passion and full of expressions and gesture. At least none of them were ignoring me when I was teaching them.

After the class, my group and I went to a reflection moment. I told my self to be a better teacher in the next class; deliver my material properly, engage them in learning process, notice about diversity of cognitive differences among my students, and give more motivation for my students to learn. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait any moment to fix our mistakes. Soon after the first class end, we started the second one.

The second class was XI IPS 3. There were no sad and regret story in this class. Our coming was greeted with applause from the students. This time I grin. I got the first turn to teach. This time I made sure that I deliver the lesson clearly. I did my turn on time and the lesson plan fulfilled. If in the first class my probing maybe only works to maximum 10 students, this time all the class respond to it. I used their ideas in making examples and explanation. The students were just as passionate as I was. At the end of this class we gave them post test, more than half passed the KKM. I would say that this class was far more better then the first one.

At the end of that day, we had an evaluation with our tutor teacher. She confirmed my statement; we did better in the second class. She said that we have made a good and proper lesson plan. She also implies that for beginners, our team teaching was cohesive. She agree with our method that explaining the materials from problems. She said that we didn’t too succeed in the first class maybe because we still didn’t know the field. In the second class, we could manage the situation because we had already had an experience with the first class before. She also vindicated that we were more enjoy and flexible in the second class. However, from those two classes, she said that we still have to improve our nurturing. I agree with her. Even though we have to make our students to be individual learners, we can not let them lost in their ways. At the end, I am really grateful with this experience. Now I know how to see the real class from teacher’s point of views. It is not easy to be a teacher but yes will bring so many excitements to my life. Teachers are great!

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