I Wanted Magnum Gold, I Got Magnum Classic Instead: My Job Imagery

Hello world!

It’s been a very long time since the last time I posted anything here. So, let’s start with some updates about my life. Have I told you that since September 2 2013 I joined a training program in a bank owned by the family who provided my scholarship in university that is also theirs? Not yet? Well, here it is in a glance.

2 weeks after graduated as a bachelor of education, I started my new life as a Management Development Program trainee in Bank Sahabat Sampoerna. Why did I do so? Well, I promised in my last post to tell about it next time I post something. So maybe I’ll just tell you know. The reason why a cumm laude graduated S.Pd. chose to be a banker was OPPORTUNITY. Cheap you say? Well, actually last year I got offered 5 jobs by several companies. I chose this one because this is a training program created special for fresh graduates. By joining it I hoped I could learn more about professional working world, get some mentors who would teach everything I need to know about office life and all developments ever needed by fresh graduates to excel in work as soon as possible. Turned out, I think, so far, I have made the right decision.

May 2014 the training program ended. I passed all the tests and examinations in second place out of 17 remaining trainees. Not bad for a former-teacher-candidate, right? For my placement I got accepted in Corporate Affairs division > Corporate Communication group > Internal Communication department. Just like I have always wanted; to be the communication person of a company. I must be so happy, you think? Well actually right now I could not say that (yet). I am still processing everything, still adapting, still accepting the fact that this is not exactly like I have imagined. It feels like you always wanted a Magnum Gold ice cream but you get Magnum Classic instead. It still tastes quite good but it’s just different. However, I am really really very grateful so much for what I have (exaggeration intended). I mean, in this time not every fresh grad, or even people, can get employed like I did toh?

So what does it feel to be an internal communication officer in a bank? Since my main job is to communicate management information, company regulation and corporate updates to all employees, I have to be very careful, especially with my words and writings. Why? Because everybody has different backgrounds that influence their way of comprehending information we delivered. Sometimes I have to compromise, a lot, in making news or information. What I think simple and harmless might be considered complicated and dangerous by some other employee. When those employee are those who have high positions, that makes me in trouble. As a stubborn-critical kid who always questioning everything, sometimes it’s not easy to give up on my opinion. Sometimes, well many times, I have just to accept what have been told to me simply to avoid any conflict. Not because I am afraid, but merely because we have (as in obliged to do so or you’ll get fired) to keep the air breathable for everyone. So yeah, we have to play it safe. I have to play it safe.

This might not be the Magnum Gold I have always wanted, but hey I have to grow up. This is what I have so I have to make the best of it. No more whining, grumbling, crying like a baby (not that I ever do such a thing ya). I will enjoy this Magnum Classic and make other people stunned in the process. Okay, that last sentence sound weird in my ears, but who cares? Now lemme grab the real Magnum (the ice cream of course, not the gun. Well, whatever). This whole writing thing made me hungry. Go grab yours!

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